Julia Janssen

Graphic Design

Bank of Online




A speculative system where

personal data is an independent currency system and privacy

becomes a commercial right.


A Map of Greek

State Debt



The result of an unpaid dept.


Aesthetic Journalism



An essay about the manipulation of

war-reporting and news-institutions.


In collaboration with Ernst van Hoek en Sanne Walvius.


Terms of Service



A book what will reveal what you

agree to– every time you use the

service of Google.


The Lack Standard



When an IKEA Lack table, becomes

a new standard for money.


Facebook Journal



A news report of the most urgent developments on your timeline.



The Collateral

Murder Comic



A staged comic about an

US military misson.




What would you take if you have to flee your home?



The visualization of the content of

a refugees bag and the stories about

their ways to the Netherlands.


This project is specifically developed for Museum Bronbeek, the museum for Dutch colonial history,

in Arnhem.


In Collaboration with Madelon Balk.


Design Research