Julia Janssen is a research based graphic designer. She graduated from ArtEZ Institute of Arts in 2016 with a specialization in Design Research and has a main focus on digital– and alternative currency systems, digitalization and standardization. Her Research project are especially composed by combining reflections on reality, research and science, with fiction, speculation and fantasy. It’s not about trying to give the right answer to a problem, but to create a new, critical perspective on urgent topics. To raise awareness and discussion.


“Graphic design is an instrument to create critical perspectives

on established structures of society.”


/ March 2018

EXPO- NeMe Gallery

–Exposition of 'Bank of Online Humanity' at he NeMe Gallery in collaboration with The Institute of Network Cultures,

Limassol, Cyprus

/ Nov 21 2017

TALK- Weapons of Math Destruction

–Participator in paneldiscussion after the book publication and lecture of Cathy O'neils 'Weapons of Math Destruction', Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht

/ Nov 16 2017

EXPO- ECP Platform for Information Society

–Exposition of 'Digital Haircut' at the annual congres of the ECP, The Hague

/ Nov 16 2017

TALK- The Dark side

–Lecture at OPA | Ontwerp Platform Arnhem, S

howroom Arnhem


/ Sept 2017 – okt 2018

Talent Development

–Participant of the Grant

Program for Talent Development

| Stimuleringsfonds for

Creative Industries

/ May 2017 – Nov 2017

Samdexy maakt merken

–Graphic Designer and Creative,


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