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Artist and designer Julia Janssen takes you on a journey behind the surface of the internet. The digital universe has a lot to offer, but what price do you pay for access? Nothing is for free. Not even on the WorldWide Web. When it seems free, you are the product.


In every episode, Janssen invites a guest to discuss a specific topic around data, digitalization and algorithms. We are exploring today’s problems and tomorrows opportunities. Let’s find out new directions for the internet.

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0 // Just before you click

An introduction to the HyperClick and Studio Julia Janssen

1 // A world without Big-Tech

With Member of the European Parliament Paul Tang.

2 // Datafying your health

With philosopher of technology Tamar Sharon

3 // Victims of Algorithms

With Cathy O’Neil. author ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’

4 // Quantified love

With Roanne van Voorst, anthropologist of the future

5 //

With Steven Levy, tech journalist and author of 'Facebook the inside story

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